In this video, Stuart discusses the mindset needed to start your own business.

In the past, it was very normal to trade time for money.  The way that you made money was, basically, that you sell your life.

More and more people are dreaming of transitioning from the traditional economy to the Digital Economy.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • Objection: I can’t afford to quit my day job to start a business.
    Truth: I’m going to spend an hour or two each day on my business.  I don’t need to quit my job until my business has replaced the income from my job.
  • Objection: I don’t want to store inventory or do fulfillment.
    Truth: I don’t need to store inventory or do fulfillment with an affiliate business, or if I sell physical products through Amazon.
  • Objection: I don’t enjoy selling or cold calling.
    Truth: I don’t need to do selling or cold calling because online marketing is about creating a sales funnel and attracting the right customers.
  • Objection: I don’t want the overhead or responsibility of a team.
    Truth: I don’t need to have staff because much of the day-to-day running of an online business can be automated.
  • Objection: I don’t have any technical skills.
    Truth: Many people with no technical background are already doing this.  I don’t need to be a technical wizard to do this.
  • Objection: I don’t know how to market online.
    Truth: I’m committed to learning the step-by-step process of how to market online.
  • Objection: I don’t know where to really start.
    Truth: I have already learned that an affiliate business is a great place to start.

Case Study Example – Photography


  • Start as an affiliate for digital and physical products.
  • Move into e-commerce to sell your own products.
  • Establish your own brand.
  • The art is really knowing the System of Selling Online.

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