In this workshop, Stuart introduces how to start your own e-commerce business with physical products.

You can absolutely succeed without investment.  It’s those that know how to market most effectively that win.

We get our students learning the process first.  Make your first 100 dollars and do it around something that you’re actually interested in. is a website made up of wholesalers, who may potentially charge a significant markup.  However, it is great for doing product and pricing research.

Mentors have their own office in China called Sourceful Group, who deal directly with manufacturers to reduce the cost of sourcing products.

The Sourcing Process

  1. Submit a product research request – product, link to website, and target prices.
  2. Receive a response – minimum order quote, pricing, and shipping costs.

Selling to Customers

  • Amazon, Ebay
  • Webstores, e.g. WooCommerce, Shopify

Case Study Examples


  • Porsche keyring
  • Magnetic eyelashes
  • Charity journal
  • Mosquito killer lamp
  • DJI drone propellers
  • E-bikes
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